ArrTekk 1295 Micro-Surfacing Emulsifier

The ArrTekk 1295 chemistry lengthens the life cycle of micro-surfacing by 30 percent and improves mix control in harsh conditions.

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Road Science

ArrTekk 1295 emulsifier technology increases micro-surfacing value for agencies and profitability for contractors by offering key benefits.

  • Embedded anti-strip technology reduces raveling and lowers wet-track abrasion loss for greater durability and a 30% Longer Life Cycle
  • Engineered for better production rates with plenty of mixing time in the hottest conditions eliminating mixing struggles and lost paving time
  • Easy to control chemical break for fast traffic return at night and in cool conditions
  • Easier laydown, fewer workmanship flaws and strong early ravel resistance reduces call-back repairs and extra costs, improving profitability 
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