12 Days of Construction Christmas 2019 - Tool Storage Bags

Get a construction tool bag that is designed to be heavy-duty and withstand extreme worksites

Crescent Toolbags

Continuing the 12 Days of Construction Christmas 2019 gift ideas...

One the second day of Construction Christmas my boss gave to me — Crescent Tool Storage Bags

Crescent Tools' new line of tool bags are designed to withstand heavy use in harsh environments like the construction site. The tool bags are available in four styles:

  • Tradesman Backpack
  • Tradesman Open Bag (available in 14- and 17-in. options)
  • Tradesman Closed Bag (available in 14- and 17-in. options)
  • 20-in. Contractor Bulk Bag

All four tool bag styles feature:

  • High quality zippers
  • Open-straight pockets for easier access to bottom of pockets
  • A hard polypropylene base to prevent holes in the bag
  • External PALS for easy access to frequently used tools
  • Bright interior fabric
  • Side pockets for water bottles and clips for tape measures

The backpack features a magnetic closure pocket for quick access to items. All bags feature center panels to separate tools and allow for additional storage sleeves.

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