12 Days of Construction Christmas 2019 - Fun T-shirts

Who doesn't get a kick out of a clever t-shirt?

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Keagan Henman/Unsplash

Continuing the 12 Days of Construction Christmas 2019 gift ideas...

Screen Shot 2019 11 06 At 2 33 20 PmAmazon.comOne the fifth day of Construction Christmas my boss gave to me — Funny t-shirts

This may be a cliche gift, but who doesn't enjoy a humorous t-shirt? Especially one that makes you proud to be a construction worker. There is no shortage of options when it comes to t-shirts for gifts. Online shopping options like Amazon have tons of options. I particularly enjoyed this one that came up in my Amazon search.

Or, if you have a local store that does t-shirt designs you can create your own. The options are endless.

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