Controller Module CM 2214

Controllermodulecm2214 10088436
  • Cost-effective, input/output controller module that receives digital, analog, and frequency inputs and drives solid state outputs
  • Designed to J1455/EP455 environmental specifications, for in-cab use
  • Monitors up to 22 dedicated inputs and handles up to 14 dedicated outputs
  • Output currents range from 1 to 10 amps, providing a maximum of 50 amps per system
  • Provides gateway functionality when used with Vansco's framework software, eliminating the need for a dedicated gateway module
  • Communicates over two Controller Area Network (CAN) bus networks, using industry-standard J1939 protocols
  • CAT 5 connector for both CAN networks eliminates discrete wiring for J1939, power, ground, and wakeup signals
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