Top 10 Hottest Construction Stories This Week: What’s in COVID Relief for Infrastructure?

Most-read construction stories include 13 projects technologies changing construction, associations tee-off on pro-union legislation, celebrating women in construction, 10 prep steps before paving season, 8 states test use-based infrastructure funding

Cu Covi Dinfrastructure Randall Washburn Facebook
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Cu Covi Dinfrastructure Randall Washburn Facebook@Randall Washburn, Facebook10. Dodge Data: Infrastructure Investment Plan Would be “Game Changer” for Construction Outlook

Richard Branch, chief economist, Dodge Data & Analytics, shares the current construction outlook and how a major infrastructure investment plan could become a “game changer” for the industry

Cu Diversity BridgitBridgit9. Women in Construction: Calling a Spade a Spade -- Construction has a Diversity Problem

An industry complaining about a labor shortage with such low hiring of women and minorities is like going hungry because you only want pizza during a global mozzarella shortage


Cu Repubs Le Zachary Walters Facebook@Zachary Walters, Facebook8. Republicans Leery of "Catch-All" Infrastructure Bill

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called on Democratic committee chairs in Congress to begin crafting a "big, bold and transformational infrastructure package" but Republicans say a multi-trillion dollar "catch-all" bill could lose Republican support


Cu Formties Concrete Foundations AssociationConcrete Foundations Association7. Shortage in Form Ties Could Create Temporary Shutdown in Residential Construction, says CFA

In response to the steel form tie shortage in concrete construction, the CFA has announced an industry-wide effort to mitigate the issue across the North American markets


Cu Fundingssources Adobe Stock Vitalii@Vitalii, stock.adobecom6. Eight States Testing User-Based Mechanisms for Highway Funding

The FHWA has awarded $18.7 million in “Surface Transportation System Funding Alternatives” grants to multiple projects that will test new user-based funding methods for highways and bridges


Cu 10thingsstart Zachary Walters Facebook@Zachary Walters, Facebook5. 10 Things to do Before the Paving Season Starts

As a large portion of the country is starting to defrost from the winter, it’s time to look ahead to the warmer months. Make sure your construction business is ready for the busy season with these tips


Cu Hopsnhighways4. Hops & Highways Episode 21: Celebrating Women in Construction Week

We're closing out Women in Construction Week by having a conversation with the ladies of A&A Paving Join us for a beer as we learn about what brought them to the industry and how we can work to attract more women to these rewarding careers


Cu Pro Union Saklakova – Stock adobestock.adobe.com3. Construction Associations Call Pro-Union Legislation Passed in House “Anti-worker, Anti-privacy and Anti-recovery”

The Associated General Contractors of America and Associated Builders and Contractors issued statements condemning House passage of the PRO Act, which they claim will hurt the workers it’s intended to help


Cu 13projects NddotNDDOT2. 13 Infrastructure Projects & Technologies Changing the Construction Industry

The American Society of Civil Engineers has unveiled 13 groundbreaking infrastructure projects and programs that are transforming the way engineers plan, build and adapt to the nation’s infrastructure needs


1. What Does the $1.9 Trillion COVID Relief Package Hold for Infrastructure?

The American Rescue Plan signed in to law by President Biden includes $10 billion in new funding for infrastructure projectsCu Covi Dinfrastructure Randall Washburn Facebook@Randall Washburn, Facebook