[APP] Manage Hours, Calculate Wages Automatically with Crowdkeep Time

Record, track and manage team work hours with Crowdkeep Time mobile app; calculate wages and overtime automatically

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Mobile app: Crowdkeep Time
Available on:  Apple and Android devices

Record, track and manage team work hours with Crowdkeep Time mobile app. The app calculates wages and overtime automatically.

Crowdkeep collects time in, time out and total hours. Project managers have the ability to review, approve and deny timesheets with real-time notifications.

Time tracking can be done in three ways: simple, strict and very strict. The “simple” method works well when only the number of hours and not the time of day matters. The “strict” method increases accountability and collects teams’ exact time of day when work was performed. The “very strict” method is a fully automated time collection system using Bluetooth sensors.

How does the very strict method work? Employees carry Crowdkeep ID badges and keychains that broadcast a Bluetooth Low Energy signal indicating they are present at the designated jobsite area. The app captures all that data and filters it to reporting features for real time occupancy, alerting and auditing.

App features:

  • Setup policies and get real-time alerts to detect fraud and buddy punching
  • Real-time reminder alerts to clock in and out or to enter hours
  • View real-time attendance and jobsite occupancy
  • Get real-time notifications when someone doesn’t arrive to work
  • Create weekday, weekend and holiday over time rules
  • Integrates with most accounting and payroll software
  • Create invoices from billable hours