Doosan Heavy in Tech Spotlight as Part of Microsoft Digital Twin Announcement

Microsoft highlighted Doosan's work in sustainability and technology in the tech giant's on digital twin software.

Microsoft digital twin technology

In its recent announcement about the availability of digital twin technology on a larger scale, Microsoft highlighted a story about Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction's energy generation work. 

Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction is not to be confused with Doosan Infracore North America and Doosan Bobcat, all three of which are affiliates owned by Doosan Group. Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction provides power generation and includes engineering and construction services in Doosan’s home country of South Korea.

Digital Twinning

Digital twinning is the process of putting sensors on equipment to send and receive data. The data creates a digital representation of the equipment and work site. Having that digital representation allows companies to monitor, diagnose and repair equipment remotely, as well as perform other tasks. Doing so saves companies time and money by not requiring certain worker to be on site. 

Microsoft Azure Digital Twins

Microsoft announced this week that its Azure Digital Twins technology is now generally available. The software allows businesses to take data from multiple locations, sensors and equipment and fuse them together in a ready-to-use format. According to Microsoft, Azure Digital Twins is an "enterprise-grade platform [that] brings the scale, reliability, security, and broad market availability that enables customers to build production-ready solutions."

Doosan at the Forefront

To illustrate the many uses for Azure technology, Microsoft shared how Doosan Heavy is using the technology in the field. The publication describes how Doosan Heavy worked with Microsoft and Bentley Systems to develop a digital twin of its wind farms, which allows operators to remotely monitor equipment performance and predict energy generation based on weather conditions. Bentley recently made headlines for committing $100 million in investment funding to accelerate infrastructure digital twin technology

“To maintain our competitive edge and increase energy efficiency, we need to optimize turbine operations through data analysis and gather feedback to develop and test advances in wind turbine development," says Seiyoung Jang, general manager, strategy and innovation, Doosan Heavy. "We created solutions with Azure Digital Twins, Azure IoT Hub, and Bentley iTwin to make that possible by combining data from multiple sources into actionable insights."

The company is using Azure Digital Twins to combine real-time and historical IoT, weather and other operational data with physics and machine learning-based models to accurately predict production output for each turbine in the farm. Based on the simulated models, Doosan Heavy can adjust the pitch and performance of individual turbines, maximize energy production and generate insights that will improve the future design of its next-generation wind turbines.

Azure at Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls is also using the Azure platform. The company is collaborating with Microsoft to digitally change how buildings and spaces are designed, built and managed.

Through a collaboration between OpenBlue Digital Twin, and Azure Digital Twins building management can be integrated. Azure helps the company with energy reduction, space optimization, predictive maintenance and remote operations.

More About Azure and How it Works

The Azure Digital Twins platform was built to simplify and accelerate the creation of IoT connected solutions. With a comprehensive set of capabilities, companies can develop customized, connected solutions with ease. And with the ability to layer your vertical domain specialization — such as 3D or 4D visualizations, physics-based simulation, and AI— on top of Azure Digital Twins, it’s easier than ever to drive results. 

This also includes new developer experiences with broad language support for SDKs, Digital Twins Definition Language (DTDL) modeling and validation tools and the Azure Digital Twins explorer sample, which helps visualize the graph representing your environment. Other capabilities at the core of the Azure Digital Twins platform allow users to:

  • Use an open modeling language, DTDL, to easily create custom models of intelligent environments. 
  • Bring digital twins to life with a live execution environment that is scalable and secure and uses data from IoT and other sources. 
  • Break down silos using input from IoT and business systems by easily connecting assets such as IoT and Azure IoT Edge devices via Azure IoT Hub, as well as existing business systems such as ERP and CRM to Azure Digital Twins to extract relevant insights across the entire environment.
  • Output to storage and analytics by integrating Azure Digital Twins with other Azure services.