CONEXPO In-SANY-ty: Flip Cup and Why Nashville is More Than Just About Music

In this episode of In-SANY-ty from SANY’s CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 booth, IRONPROS’ Wayne Grayson plays flip cup with John Murphy, district sales manager for SANY, as they talk about why Nashville is more than just about music.


In this episode of In-SANY-ty from SANY’s CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 booth, IRONPROS’ Wayne Grayson plays flip cup with John Murphy, district sales manager for SANY, as they talk why Nashville is more than just about music.


Wayne Grayson  00:00 

Hey guys, welcome into ConExpo-Con/AGG 2023. Wayne Grayson here at the SANY booth and I'm here with John Murphy. Murph, thanks so much for joining us, man. And we are going to play some flip cup now. In college we played I don't even know what you call it a lot, but we were more on the speed of the ring the ring game, okay. And if we weren't playing that we were playing quarters, but I can say that I've never played flip cup. So teach me how we're going to do this. 


John "Murph" Murphy  00:33 

Alright, so you just fill it up just a little bit. And then you're going to go up here for a chair right down, drink it drink, and then you're trying to flip it over on the side right here and flip it and landed 


Wayne Grayson 00:46 

All right. Okay. All right. Well, you ready for the first round here? Let's go. All right, ready? Yep. Oh, down and then you want that round? It's harder than it looks, folks. All right. All right. Here's some more beer. All right. So Murph, tell us a little bit about your background, how you got into this business and, and how long you've been in the construction business and what it is about Sandy that she does she like, hit me up, hit me that beer. There's Arkansas. 


John “Murph” Murphy 01:16 

I've been with Sany for three and a half years now. They found me actually I was working at the largest resort in Atlanta. And I was the director of activities there and also took people shooting quail hunting, as a lot of VIP clients. Like Gerard Butler and a bunch of celebrities and Delta and Chick fil A, were a couple other clients of mine. And I was a shooting instructor for Beretta for them at the resort. And SANY was one of our VIP clients. And I went up to Nathan Sampler who is now our VP and just asked for a sales job. Honestly, an opportunity went in there and was shocked when I said, Hey, send me your resume. And so I did and I crushed the interview, because obviously I'm here. But no, I was just I was always really good with people breaking down barriers as quick as I could. Back when I was shooting because you'd get a better tip. Yeah. But no, I love Sany because it's a small tight knit family. There were only about 125 of us when I started. And I started in the office because I broke my arm in eight places as soon as I started two weeks and so I was in the office for the first few months. And yeah, it got to know everyone and the CEO at the time, Doug Friesen had an open-door policy you could even go into his office if you wanted to. So you could walk in anywhere it didn't matter how high up they were and ask questions, and that's why I like the transparency of it and everyone feeling like a family. 


Wayne Grayson 03:04 

Yeah, man. So let's do this. Let's do this next round. You're ready. All right. Ready? 120 


Wayne Grayson  03:09 

My gosh, that was pathetic. 


Wayne Grayson 03:28 

Really, yeah, absolutely. That one was a struggle. Alright, I'll let you go for so. Now you live in Nashville right on Broadway. That's right on the main strip of things were literally everything is happening downtown. What is that like watching? Yeah, man. I bet it is. So what is that like? 


John “Murph” Murphy 03:45 

So, honestly, people are drunk all day. They're like no place on earth. Well, maybe except for this one. Yeah. Yeah. Except for Vegas. Yeah. It's a mini like Bourbon Street Vegas kind of feel. You get all walks of life that's also has good people watching. And anytime of the day, there's somebody blackout on the street. And it doesn't matter if you're having breakfast, lunch, dinner. I don't know what they do for work. But yeah, 


Wayne Grayson 04:13 

Yeah, yeah, man. They're coming straight from the piano bar right out into the street and I'm not in they're not in their best shape. Well, so what are some of your favorite things about Nashville and living in Nashville? 


John “Murph” Murphy 04:21 

Honestly, there's something fun to do every night of the week. Whether it's a sports game, live music, you could walk into any bar in the next up and coming person. Yeah, 


Wayne Grayson 04:32 

I mean, in all types of it's not just like Honky Tonk and everything. I think it has that reputation for some reason. It's kind of shaking it but like no all kinds of music like it's just a great town. 


John “Murph” Murphy 04:41 

All the big name artists are just at the bar. Yes. To talk to him. Like Bryce Young is at a certain bar, literally every week and you just go up and they're just normal people just like us. Yeah, you know, like, yeah, it's just, I try not to ask for any photos or anything and make them feel uncomfortable because that's when they Yeah, maybe that'll all the time but ya know, it's fun that the sports are great if you've never been to a Predators hockey game you have to go a chance all have to do with other teams sucking. I mean, it's awesome. It's a, so it's safe. They harass goalies really, really well and they'll yell it's all your absolute when they introduced the team, it's each player's name. It's like, you suck and then they get to the coach. You suck. So 


Wayne Grayson 05:30 

It is a rough it is a rough team to play on the road against that's for sure. All right, next round. We got it right. Yeah. 


John "Murph" Murphy  05:41 

Oh, come on. 


Wayne Grayson 05:48 

So oh, we're almost done with this. Alright, so now tell me I'm really interested in this. We're gonna open up. You got one. I'm really interested in the gun instructor for Beretta thing. Tell me a little bit a bit more about that. And specifically, what it was, like you mentioned, Gerard Butler, some other celebrities. What was it like teaching, you know, it's one thing to meet a celebrity, but then to kind of like teach them how to use a firearm is different. 


John “Murph” Murphy 06:14 

So Gerard Butler came up with some of his really close friends. They're actually hilarious, fun, fun to teach. And the reason why he came up is because they're filming at the resort. And another guy had taken a lesson the day before. Yeah, hold MacClenny with Mindhunter Oh, yeah. And guy with a gray hair. He's from New York, and he wanted to shoot a clothing. I mean, they don't really have shotguns up in New York. No. And sure don't know I stuck with them. I videoed every single trial and he finally broke one at the end and he was so happy. That's where I got my enjoyment out of it, you know, the look on their face when they finally Yeah, record clay right is you know, where I get the fun out 


Wayne Grayson 07:00 

Tell us what it takes to shoot a clay like what does it take for you know what, what's the main thing to kind of get that under your belt? 


John “Murph” Murphy 07:09 

Honestly, keep your keep your gun moving? Yeah, so the the main thing when people mess up, they're shooting behind the club because they stopped the gun, right? So figure like a water hose and you're trying to spray your friend or a kid or something like that. And you're moving it the whole time and following them and you don't really stop because the water stops. 


Wayne Grayson 07:29 

So you you you don't stop when you pull. When you pull the trigger. You pull the trigger and you keep on going right? Yeah, that's almost like keeping your eye on the ball playing golf. Alright, alright, here we go. All right, last one. Here we go. 


Oh, nice. Well, thanks for teaching me how to play. Thanks for talking to me today man. And you know, Murphy is just one more example of all the awesome folks here at the sandy booth and guys do yourself a favor. Come check out all the new equipment. Most importantly though, come and have a have a conversation like we just had with with Murphy and have a good time here at the Santee booth this week at ConExpo con act 2023. Thanks for watching guys. We'll see you next time.