Charleville Development Corporation Accelerates Project Delivery and Improves Quality with Vela Systems Across All Projects

Solution's automated integration with Primavera on The Blue at Doral project to be featured in Primavera-authored case study.

SOMERVILLE, MA -Charleville Development Corporation, a Miami-based developer of high quality, high-end projects, has announced that it will use Vela Systems as its mobile field software solution to accelerate delivery, improve quality and hold subcontractors accountable across all projects pursued by the company. Additionally, the success of the implementation at the Blue at Doral project has resulted in its selection as a case study to be published by Primavera Systems, Inc. Charleville uses Vela Systems' software installed on tablet PCs from Motion Computing to replace the rolls of drawings and field notebooks typically found on a work site.

Charleville is currently using Vela at The Blue at Doral, a $56 million marquis condominium and hotel project that consists of 15 three-story buildings on a 17-acre site that overlooks the Blue Monster, a well-known course at the Doral Golf Resort and Spa in Doral, Florida. Because the Blue at Doral was the only on-course development at the resort, consumer demand for condos and owner expectations for quality were both very high

As a result of using Vela Systems, Charleville has gained at least three weeks of time and knows exactly how much deficient work is on the site so that it does not pay subcontractors for work that is not up to its standards.

As a result of using Vela Systems with Primavera, Charleville has been able to:

  • Reduce time spent on paperwork: Each user is saving 10 hours a week because they don't have retype field information like punch list and work list items into a computer.
  • Accelerate the project: Charleville estimates that Vela is saving at least two days per building per month for a total time savings of 30 days. Vela Systems informs sub-contractors almost immediately what they need to do, so the work starts sooner.
  • Hold subcontractors accountable by understanding "the cost of quality": With Vela, each identified issue can be automatically assigned a cost, which feeds automatically into Primavera Contract Manager. By tracking the cost of quality, project managers know how much deficient work is on the job at all times and can ensure that subcontractors are held accountable, so that Charleville does not pay for work that is not up to its standards.

Charleville's original plan was to use the Vela/Primavera solution for the Blue View at Doral and then one-by-one roll it out to new projects. However, the new efficiencies gained by using Vela and Primavera, has led the company to immediately implement its new solution for all its projects moving forward.

Vela Systems automatically integrates with Primavera Contract Manager modules (formerly Expedition) for field data collection and management, and with Primavera scheduling products for field updating of schedule activities. As a result, all information on schedules, punch lists and contracts can automatically be synchronized and updated on both the Vela-enabled Tablet PCs and in Primavera applications.

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