K-Tec 1243ADT Scraper Loads 43 cu yd

43 cu yd self-loading scraper is designed to be towed behind a 40-ton articulated dump truck power unit

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The 1243ADT scraper model is designed for self-loading up to a heaped capacity of 43 cu. yds. with a 40-ton articulated dump truck power unit.

  • Rolling push-block enables an easier push with a dozer blade to prevent jarring of equipment and operator
  • Features a streamlined cutting edge and 29.5 R25 brake-ready wheels
  • Can be used in any soil condition
  • Offers rapid cycle times and high flotation for maximum performance
  • High-tensile, structural steel in critical stress areas provides heavy-duty wear resistance and a light weight 

Spec Sheet: K-Tec 1243ADT Self-loading Scraper

Video: 1243 ADT Scraper Machine Walk-Around

Texas Crushed Stone Cuts Cycle Times with Self-loading K-Tec Scraper

WINNER: 2015 Contractors' Top 50 New Products

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