Cat: Ensure Peak Machine Performance in Hot Weather

Simple tips for keeping equipment operating at peak performance when the mercury rises

Summer is the busiest time of year in the building and construction industries. Heat-related downtime is the last thing you need. You can avoid the summertime blues by following a few simple preventive measures during your daily operator checks or regular maintenance. Here are tips for keeping your equipment operating at peak performance (and keeping you profitable) when the mercury is on the rise.

  • Make sure coolant is properly mixed. You can find the correct proportions for your machine in the owner’s manual.
  • Keep your radiator clean. Carefully remove any debris that has collected on the outside so that airflow is unobstructed.
  • Check the condition of the radiator pressure cap and replace if necessary. A poorly sealed cap can result in overheating (and NEVER remove the cap when the engine is warm).
  • Inspect radiator hoses. Look for cracks or leaks and replace hoses if necessary.
  • Make sure all belts are tight. A loose belt can make the water pump ineffective, which can lead to overheating.
  • Check air and fuel filters. Dirty filters will adversely affect engine performance.
  • Check air conditioning filters. Get plenty of clean air to the A/C unit so it can do its job in the cab.
  • Check brakes and make sure brake fluids are at their proper level. Be aware that brakes can become dangerously hot during summer months.
  • Properly inflate tires. Under inflated tires overheat more easily, which can ultimately lead to failure.

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