Shell Lubricants Redesigns Global Portfolio

Shell is now offerings simplified lubricant choices for fleet and construction industries.

Shell Lubricants is rolling out its redesigned global portfolio of transmission fluids, gearbox oils, mobile hydraulic oils, gear and axle oils, and greases for on- and off-highway vehicles and equipment. The simplified product lineup is designed to make selecting the proper level of protection easier.

Shell Donax and Shell Dentax products have been consolidated under the Shell Spirax brand of gear oils, axle oils and transmission fluids. All grease products are now under the Shell Gadus brand. Shell Retinax, Shell Rhodina, Shell Albida and Shell Alvania are among the products now in the Shell Gadus portfolio.

The Shell Lubricants fleet and construction industry portfolios are designed to help maximize efficiency and help reduce cost of operation based on application and service.

The redesigned portfolio features new packaging labels and product guides to aid choice, using new names, color coding and visual icons to indicate individual performance benefits. These changes are also designed to help reduce the risk of product misapplication in the factory environment. As part of the redesign, Shell Lubricants also standardized packaging across the entire portfolio to make storage and stacking easier.

Shell Lubricants' new portfolio of lubricants and greases is being rolled out globally, enabling a consistent product offering from market to market and enabling increased security of product supply.

In addition, Shell Lubricants also offers the Shell Rotella Energized Protection product portfolio which is led by three premium heavy-duty engine oils that are part of a tiered, easy to understand ladder of protection. They include Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic, Shell Rotella T5 Synthetic Blend Technology and Shell Rotella T Triple Protection engine oils.

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