Bergkamp Introduces Mobile Stockpile, Announces Company Restructure

New Mobile Stockpile innovation dramatically increases paving time, reduces costs, simplifies job management and eliminates overweight truck citation risks.

Salina, KS - Bergkamp Inc. introduced its new Mobile Stockpile, a fully mobile material transfer and storage trailer that dramatically increases paving time, reduces costs, simplifies job management and eliminates overweight truck citation risks, at Conexpo-Con/Agg last week.

Standard trucks bring aggregate and emulsion directly from the supplier and load the Mobile Stockpile, which is located on the jobsite. Then, truck-mounted slurry seal or micro surfacing pavers can easily connect to it and be fully replenished with material on-site. Traditionally, contractors working to apply high-quality surface treatments require multiple pavers, which must make multiple trips between the off-site material stockpile and the job site to reload with material.

"Because this static stockpile is on-site, these multiple longer distance trips are eliminated, so fewer pavers can do significantly more work in less time," says Scott Bergkamp, president. "The result is better optimization and allocation of workers, fewer pavers per job, less paver idle time and reduced fuel costs - all of which reduce overall production costs."

Using standard dump trucks to load the Mobile Stockpile with aggregate, and tankers for emulsion, contractors avoid the risk of receiving overweight citations due to overloaded pavers driving to the job site from an off-site stockpile location. Water is replenished via a tanker or hydrant through its 50-foot hose reel transfer. The Mobile Stockpile is designed to use a minimal footprint, taking just one lane-width of roadway for an entire static stockpile operation. Trucks can bring materials to it directly from the supplier, reducing coordination and site cleanup issues associated with finding temporary stockpile locations - thus simplifying job management while lowering job costs. The Mobile Stockpile is compatible with most equipment manufacturers' slurry seal and micro surfacing pavers.

The Mobile Stockpile delivers aggregate and emulsion through a very efficient process. Aggregate is dumped into the Inlet Hopper located at the rear of the unit. The material is then transferred to the 21.5-cubic-yard Main Hopper on an enclosed 32-inch Inlet Conveyor at a speed of up to six tons per minute. The Main Hopper can either store the material or simultaneously transfer it during filling via a 24-inch Discharge Conveyor. The Discharge Conveyor moves the aggregate up a 28-degree angle before leveling out horizontally toward the discharge end to make a smooth aggregate transition to the Slinger Conveyor. The Slinger Conveyor extends and throws the material into the truck-mounted paver at a rate of three tons per minute, retracting and slowing down as the truck evenly fills up to avoid over filling or spilling of the aggregate. Asphalt emulsion is loaded from a tanker into four separate tanks on the Mobile Stockpile that together hold 6,000 gallons of asphalt emulsion. It is then pumped into the truck-mounted paver’s asphalt emulsion tank.

In additional news, Bergkamp is restructuring its company to provide even more customer service and support and to improve its manufacturing capabilities. As part of this endeavor, the company will realign its employee structure and add additional positions in order to continue to provide the best service and equipment for its customers. This will include the development of separate contractor- and government-focused business units designed to better meet each customer’s individual needs, a production-focused business unit created to ensure the safety, quality and continuous improvement of all equipment manufactured and a corporate business unit focused on providing the right tools to help all business units within the company function at the highest level possible. Bergkamp’s new company structure reflects its dedication to this growing market and the needs of its customers.

"Our customers deserve quality solutions they can count on," says Bill Cooper, vice president. "Our new structure will allow us to expand our resources to more efficiently meet the demands of the industry and continue to manufacture the high quality, innovative equipment our customers depend on, all while delivering the highest level of customer service and support."

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