Tennant Company Partners with ChemMasters

Tennant Company becomes exclusive distributor of ChemMasters' methyl methacrylate coating system.

MINNEAPOLIS - Tennant Company (NYSE: TNC), one of the world's leading manufacturers of surface maintenance equipment and coatings, announces that it has partnered with ChemMasters to become the exclusive distributor of its methyl methacrylate coating system. The system will be sold under the Tennant MMA name.

"We introduced our cold- and quick-cure coating system several years ago, and our customers have achieved great success using it," said Jim Rossi, vice president of Sales and Marketing with ChemMasters. "In an effort to gain even deeper market penetration, we turned to Tennant Company and its world-class sales and service network. We believe Tennant Company has the expertise and the bandwidth to get our highly productive and sustainable coating system the market exposure it deserves."

"We are pleased to partner with ChemMasters as the exclusive distributor of its methyl methacrylate coatings system," said Mike More, Coatings Group manager with Tennant Company. "The Tennant Coatings Group and our entire sales team are committed to the success of Tennant MMA and to the success of our customers."

Tennant MMA is a heavy-duty decorative floor coating system designed to cure very quickly and at very cold temperatures. The coatings can be applied at temperatures as low as -20 degree Fahrenheit and cure within one hour, making them highly productive and efficient. In fact, facilities can resume operations up to 10 times faster using Tennant MMA than using traditional coating systems. Tennant MMA, which is VOC-compliant, comes in a variety of standard colors and can be customized to match existing design elements. Tennant MMA is ideal for food and beverage manufacturing and storage, automotive manufacturing, grocery stores, and outdoor facilities such as stadiums and arenas.

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