Lafarge North America's Asphalt Division Recognized as a Colorado Environmental Leader

Last week, the company received the Silver Partner Award from the state at the 10th annual Colorado Environmental Partnership Awards event.

Westminster, CO - Last week, Lafarge North America's Asphalt business unit in the Western United States received the Silver Partner Award from the State of Colorado for a number of its plant and area shop locations at the 10th annual Colorado Environmental Partnership Awards event. Lafarge is the first Asphalt company in Colorado to be recognized with this award.

The Environmental Leadership Program rewards companies who voluntarily go beyond the mandatory state and federal regulations for compliance and look for opportunities to show an even greater commitment to the environment. The program is open to all industries and organizations are recognized every year.

"The protection of the environment, along with safety, is one of Lafarge's top priorities," says Steven Peterson, Lafarge Asphalt and Paving West US Business Unit Manager. "I am proud of our employees who have embraced our commitment and have found ways to improve our business practices. The Silver award is a great start for our first year in the program, but we already are looking forward to next year when all our Asphalt plant operations in Colorado can be recognized as a Gold level partner."

Lafarge North America's Asphalt division has eight operating asphalt plants in Colorado and is one of the premier producers and suppliers of asphalt in the state. The company offers a variety of durable and flexible products to meet all federal, state and municipal requirements from road and highway construction to parking lots, driveways and even playgrounds.

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