Roadtec Introduces Screed Boost

Screed Boost helps manage settling of the screed when paver is stopped.

Screed Assist has been a staple in the industry for some time and simply helps to support the weight of the screed whether the paver is moving or stopped. Roadtec now offers an exclusive, additional option called Screed Boost to manage the settling of the screed only when the paver is stopped. The feature also compensates for settling of rubber-tired pavers during stops, caused by the tires compressing and "squatting." Rubber tire compression causes the screed to descend and has led some in the industry to conclude that it is more difficult to get the same mat smoothness from a tire paver than a track paver. Screed Boost effectively addresses this issue giving road builders the tools to pave even, smooth mats with both types of pavers.

Roadtec Screed Boost pressurizes the bottom of the screed lift cylinders only during stops and thus prevents the screed from settling and causing a dent in the mat. This pressure will be enough to help the screed from dropping plus help account for tires being compressed with added loads. The operator can adjust the pressure as needed.

When the paver starts back into motion the screed boost shuts off and the screed returns to free floating. Screed Boost has a delay switch that allows the boost to stay on 0, 3 or 6 seconds after the paver goes into motion. This allows the operator to create a smooth transition by selecting a longer delay that lets him ease into fine-aggregate mixes that tend to compress more. For less pliable mixes he would use a shorter delay. While the paver is in motion the screed free-floats and is not affected by Screed Boost whatsoever.