PowerMasterSeries BS18 LT Drill/Driver from Metabo Ideal for Rugged Applications

The BS18 LT drill/driver from Metabo Corporation is the latest tool in the 18 V PowerMasterSeries of lithium-ion cordless power tools.

WEST CHESTER, PA - Metabo Corporation recently released the BS18 LT drill/driver.  As the latest tool in the 18 V PowerMasterSeries of lithium-ion cordless power tools, the BS18 LT provides Metabo's advanced tool ergonomics plus the performance and capacity advantages of lithium-ion batteries.

Fitted with the Li-Power Plus 18 V, 2.6 Ah battery, the cordless drill/driver charges faster and lasts longer than other charging technologies. Metabo's unique air-cooled charging technology that utilizes guided air flow ducting to cool the battery pack to an optimum temperature level during charging reduces charging times by 30% to increase productivity.

Standard on all PowerMasterSeries cordless tools, Metabo's Electronic Single Cell Protection (ESCP) cell monitoring electronically monitors individual battery cells while in use and during charging to prevent damage due to a complete discharge while working and from overcharging while charging. Damage prevention ensures longer battery life. The BS18 LT's combination of premium battery and charging technologies provides extended work time between charges and requires less time during charges for maximum productivity.

Users in the field, such as electricians, contractors, remodelers, cable installers, HVAC technicians and others in rugged industrial and commercial construction applications, can benefit from the drill/driver's battery and power options whenever a highly-reliable and long-lasting tool is required. Economically-priced below the PowerMasterSeries LTX model, the BS18 LT drill/driver is a powerful cordless tool providing the features necessary to operate in rugged applications.

Weighing only 4.5 lbs and a mere 8 inches long, size is even further reduced when utilizing the drill/driver's recessed hex spindle technology, unique to Metabo's tools. The user can remove the chuck to drive screws with the 1/4" hexagon recessed spindle using an accessory bit retainer. This gives the operator the ability to use the cordless BS18 LT in tighter spaces. Plus, a built-in LED worklight provides greater visibility in dark spaces.

Users can easily adjust the speed from the lowest to highest value via Metabo's Variospeed full-wave electronic speed control. The cordless drill/driver offers a no-load speed of 0 rpm to 400 rpm in first gear and 0 rpm to 1,400 rpm in second gear. Equipped with a 1/2" chuck, the tool has a drilling capacity of 1/2" in steel and 1-3/16" in wood.

Featuring a dual-range torque adjustment, the BS18 LT gives the user the ability to set the torque to either 13 inch-lbs through 31 inch-lbs or 31 inch-lbs through 114 inch-lbs. The power tool can handle up to 531 inch-lbs of torque for momentary maximum spikes in the event of extreme resistance (hard case) and 230 inch-lbs of torque continuously (soft case).

The BS18 LT drill/driver is covered by Metabo's XXL three-year warranty that covers the tools, batteries and battery chargers to also protect the user's total investment in the tool.

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