Volvo Brings Back Million Ton Guarantee for 7000 Series Pavers

Volvo’s North American after-purchase program gives customers support for replacement of auger and conveyor system wear parts over a 5-year period.

Million Ton Paver Guarantee
Volvo Iron Mark

Volvo Construction Equipment is bringing back its popular Million Ton Guarantee, a North American after-purchase program that gives customers of Volvo 7000 Series asphalt pavers manufacturer support for the replacement of auger and conveyor system wear parts over a five-year period. The name of the program is based on a U.S. national average of 250,000 tons of asphalt laid per year, totaling slightly more than a million tons over five years or work seasons. “Paving contractors work on high-production, deadline-driven projects and have high expectations for their equipment and the service they receive,” said Bill Laing, product manager, road products at Volvo CE. “Volvo shares these expectations, and the Million Ton Guarantee shows our confidence in the quality of our product and our commitment to helping our customers increase their uptime and lower their total cost of ownership.”

The Volvo Million Ton Guarantee was introduced at CONEXPO 2014 for machines sold that year. The relaunched program is available on P7110B tracked and P7170B wheeled asphalt pavers purchased by June 30, 2020, with the five-year timeframe beginning at the time the paver is purchased by the end-user. Customers have 30 days after purchase to enroll in the program. Over the duration of the guarantee program, the machine owner will have access to three rebuilds as determined by the wear check manual from Volvo CE. Parts will be covered in a tiered approach:

  • The first rebuild will be 100% covered by Volvo.
  • The second rebuild will be 50% covered by Volvo.
  • The third rebuild will be 25% covered by Volvo.

If additional rebuilds are required, Volvo will cover parts at 25% with a pre-approved warranty claim.