Dynapac Unveils Full Line of Compact Equipment at CONEXPO 2020

The equipment includes a full line of compaction rammers, vibratory compaction plates, trench roller, mix spreader and mini paver

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Dynapac Fayat Group Red Black Final

Dynapac showcased their new line of Compact Equipment products at CONEXPO 2020. The Compact Equipment range compliments Dynapac’s larger compaction and paving equipment to get the job done in relatively confined spaces. This includes a full line of compaction rammers, vibratory compaction plates, trench roller, mix spreader and mini paver.


Most of the time rammers are found working in dusty or muddy places. Such an environment could be a threat to the engine operation. In order to protect the engine the Dynapac rammers – the DR series – use multi-stage fuel and air filters. This way the Honda GXR120, a tailor made engine for rammers, is able to deliver maximum performance. Being a four-stroke petrol engine it also ensures that the emissions are kept to a minimum creating a healthier work environment for the operator. Further enhancing operator comfort, the Dynapac rammers feature a vibration dampened handle that allows you maneuver them with ease.

 Vibratory plates

From the compact DFP6, 60kg (130 lbs) Forward Plates – the DFP series – to the DRP45, 450kg (1000 lbs) Reversible Plates – the DRP series – the Dynapac plate compactors are powered by either a Honda petrol or a Hatz diesel engine. At Conexpo, the range is being expanded with the addition of the forward plate DFP9 and reversible plates DRP15X and the DRP20. 

Protected from the sand and stones, fully enclosed belt drive maximizes the lifetime of components like the V-belt. Combined with a robust construction the DFP series offers longevity.  The tough build is even more visible in the DRP series thanks to the signature all-around protection hood. Open style construction of the heavy-duty base reduces the maintenance cost. As the stones don’t stick, wear and tear of parts are minimized. 

Trench Roller

The D.ONE trench roller features radio remote control technology that allows for uninterrupted and long-range connectivity in the toughest weather and jobsite conditions. In order to ensure good compaction results, the D.ONE comes with a directed vibration technology that offers a choice of high or low amplitude vibration. EcoMode, Automatic Vibration Control and a maintenance-free articulated joint are some of the features that keep the operating costs to a minimum. Drum extensions are built-in as a standard and a smooth drum is available as an option, allowing our partners to maximize their utilization of the machine. The Built-Tough Trench Roller will definitely catch the attention of the customers. 

Mix Spreader

A revolutionary walk behind self-propelled mix spreader that fits in the back of your pick-up truck is Dynapac’s S100. The 2 in 1 Spreader/Paver can be used as chip spreader when moved forward and a paver when moved in reverse. 

If you ever longed for hassle-free manoeuvrability in relatively small and tight spaces, you must check out the S100. Front and reverse drive functionality avoids the need to physically push the heavy load thus delivering first class operator comfort. Be it small parking lots, cycle paths or patchwork, the swivel castor wheels make it so easy to maneuver moving from point to point. Designed for working widths from 10 in (250mm) to 40 in (1000 mm), and a thickness of up to 4 in (100 mm), the S100 can be used to pave asphalt mix and for spreading chips. The screed with a three-step flow regulation allows you to control the amount of material laid out. In addition, independently adjustable hydraulic cylinders help regulate the height of the mat providing greater consistency and quality as opposed to traditional shoveling and raking. 

Mini Paver

The new F80W ride-on mini wheeled paver will be debuted as well during this year’s Conexpo-Con/Agg show. This wheeled paver has a standard paving width of 31 in to 51 in and is ideal for patchwork, trench paving, bicycle paths and golf cart paths. Simplicity in design of controls makes it very easy for the operator to learn and operate. The F80W features a propane gas heated screed. The screed can hydraulically extend allowing paving widths from 31 in (0.80m) to 51 in (1.30 m). Bolt extensions to the screed gives you a maximum paving width of 65 in.