FAD Equipment Store Creates One-Stop Shop for End-Users

FAD Equipment Store announces the online opening of a new U.S. material handling equipment site which offers lifting and material handling equipment, as well as safety and load monitoring products.

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FAD Equipment Store
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FAD Equipment Store

The growing e-commerce market is creating an opportunity for material handling equipment to excel online — an opportunity that the FAD Equipment Store is seizing.

The new U.S. material handling equipment site announced its online opening and offerings of lifting and material handling, as well as safety and load monitoring products for end users in various markets.

In a market already growing 23 percent yearly, COVID-19 has led customers to shop online — strengthening the e-commerce market in 2020 exponentially. As people were told to avoid public areas and increase social distancing precautions, many industries went virtual, including their sales.

“This is the most innovative material handling e-commerce concept to hit the market,” General Manager Jeff Miller said. “It’s one thing to deliver an online platform where users can visit, click and order, but another to present a broad portfolio of products each of which is the standout technology or solution in its sector. Fadequipmentstore.com is a combination of easy-to-order and best-in-class.”

The FAD Equipment Store creates a one-stop-shop for material handling and safety equipment users that takes advantage of the growing e-commerce market throughout the construction industry. According to the company:

  • FAD Equipment Store offers a breadth of products that are provided by suppliers with stock in the U.S. — allowing for quick delivery in North America.
  • Brands that are available include The Crosby Group, Crosby | Straightpoint, Crosby | Accolift, Oz Lifting, Caldwell, SpaceGuard, A-Safe, P&I Supply, Kroy Sign Systems and more.
  • FAD will continue to monitor the website, during the initial stages, to reflect current market trends and maintain an assortment of relevant products.

The new business is led by Jeff Miller, general manager, and industry entrepreneur David Ayling as president.

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