Dozer Spreader Box

Green Diamond Dozer Spreader B 11149812

With no berms to clean up, the Green Diamond dozer spreader box allows the user to push more material without losing it around the corners of the blade. The spreader box can be used for prep work on sidewalks, curbs, slabs, parking lots, roads and railroads.

  • Fully adjustable widths up to 8, 6 and 4 ft.
  • Depth adjustments: 0 to 12 in.
  • Side plates built of 1/2-in. T-1 steel and have vertical reinforced strip from below the top bar to the bottom
  • Small ear welded on corner bit outside of the side plate for strength at the bottom
  • Pinned on by two ears that are welded to top corner of dozer
  • Optional plate bolted inside of side plates: can be lowered up to 12 in. in 2-in. increments; made of mild steel; 2 ft. high
  • Optional adjustable side plates for 4-, 6- or 8-ft.-wide blade
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