RD-1200XT Truck-Mounted Road Dryer

Road Dryer Truck Mounted
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The RD-1200XT pavement-drying unit from Road Dryer, LLC, quickly dries asphalt and concrete pavement, allowing crews to pave or apply surface treatments or striping after just one pass.

  • The unit, which blows heated air up to 300° F directly downward through multiple nozzles, eliminates the risk of “flying objects,” and allows traffic to flow in nearby lanes — reducing congestion caused by traffic restrictions
  • Preconditions the incoming air to remove moisture prior to heating and directing the heated air to the road
  • Available as a simple-to-operate trailer- or truck-mounted unit, the RD-1200XT can be adjusted for 8-ft to 12-ft drying widths
  • Because it dries pavement on demand, it provides flexibility for contractors and government agencies to meet timetables by minimizing delays from weather- and project-related wet conditions
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