HS 8200 Duty Cycle Crawler Crane

Liebherr's HS 8200 duty cycle crawler crane is an ideal machine for extraction work and has the capability of not only using a dragline bucket but also a grab.

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The HS 8200 duty cycle crawler crane in the 200-tonne (440,925 lbs) category features a drive system that increases both performance and load capacities by 15%.

  • Suitable for extraction work and capable of using a dragline bucket and a grab
  • For deep foundation purposes, the machine
  • Can be applied for dynamic soil compaction for deep foundation purposes, as well as fitted with a casing oscillator or fixed leader
  • Winches can be used with the full 77,162-lb. line pull in the fourth layer when digging a shaft
  • Various counterweight options
  • Maximum transport weight of 105,822 lbs.
  • Rails and walkways on the uppercarriage do not have to be dismounted for transport
  • Ground load-bearing capacity and ground pressure displayed in the operator's cab for safe operation
  • Oil levels of the swing drives as well as the grab and closing winches can be observed on the operator’s monitor
  • Cabin includes an air-conditioning system with improved airflow, optimized field of vision and reduced noise emission, as well as an ergonomic operator’s seat with integrated heating and cooling
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