Kobelco Conventional Excavators

The Kobelco conventional excavator is available in eight models, with operating weights that range from 32,800 – 185,700 lbs.

KOBELCO Conventional Excavators
KOBELCO Conventional Excavators
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The Kobelco conventional excavators were designed to establish new standards in value, productivity and durability. They are available in eight models, with operating weights that range from 32,800 – 185,700 lb. 

The Kobelco Generation 10 models boast:

  • A ~7% increase in work volume per hour
  • Up to a ~10% increase in fuel efficiency in S-Mode
  • A further ~6% increase in ECO-mode

Much of that boost in efficiency comes from a new hydraulic regeneration mechanism in the arm that recycles energy from lowering the boom into force that can push the arm out. Other new features on the Generation 10 models include:

  • An enhanced attachment structure, making the Generation 10 excavators more durable
  • A higher boom foot cross-section
  • Thicker arm-foot base plate
  • Stronger foot bases for added reinforcement
  • A new boss shape to improve overall stability
  • A redesigned boom foot that evenly distributes digging forces for optimum durability

Conventional Kobelco machines boast impressive features, including:

  • An industry leading swing torque
  • Powerful engines and breakout forces
  • Rear counterweight swing flashers that come standard on each model

These models also incorporate:

  • a no time limit, operator controlled power boost for heavy-duty digging conditions
  • The ability to set both flow and pressure for up to 18 different attachments from the operator’s seat
  • Big cab visibility and comfort
  • High quality construction
  • Low cost maintenance

The pioneering spirit of Kobelco is best seen in this class of excavators. They were the first and are one of very few manufacturers today to offer straight travel, which allows the excavator to lift the rated lift chart while walking. Independent travel is a Kobelco exclusive. This feature enhances both productivity and safety by allowing the machine to smoothly walk and lift with no travel speed change. The company was also the first to introduce automatic swing priority, where one pump automatically assists the arm and the swing during combined side wall trenching.

This class of excavator is oftentimes found on jobsites ranging from general earthmoving applications through specialty work requiring full sized, powerful equipment with quick cycle times.


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