Transforming Products from ALLU at INTERMAT 2018

The company showed its Transformer and Processor attachment ranges and launched the ALLU-App

Allu Mobile Application Press

ALLU Group exhibited equipment from the Transformer range at INTERMAT 2018 from April 23-28 in Paris. The company also unveiled the latest features of its Processor ranges and launched the ALLU-App, its latest development aimed at further enhancing customer business operations.

The ALLU Processor is a power mixer attachment which converts any excavator into a powerful and versatile mixing tool capable of penetrating and effectively mixing a variety of difficult materials. Materials suited for the attachment range from clay, silt, peat, sludge and sediment, to dredged material and contaminated soil.

The Processor has proven itself throughout the world on road construction, building developments, and various contaminated soil processing applications. It enables companies to treat and quickly access low bearing capacity ground for infrastructure developments by the use of fully mobile equipment. The method can also be used to remediate contaminated land, with the technology transforming hazardous constituents into a solid state, thereby preventing pollution from dissolving in to the environment.

Launch of Mobile ALLU-App

Fast, precise and global communication with the equipment manufacturer is key for customers to get the very best out of their investment. In order to get closer to the customer, ALLU launched its own ALLU Mobile Application. It is fully integrated with ALLU’s portal, providing information, contact and advice on everything that is relevant to the serial number of the attachment in the customer’s possession.  

The app provides an intelligent digital solution for customers and operators to obtain accurate and timely information regarding safe operations at jobsites, thereby maximizing the use of equipment. The ‘ALLU-App’ accomplishes this, whenever a mobile online service is available, through accessing information that is relevant to the serial number of the attachment. 

The app provides instructions to guide the operator through safe working methods when using the ALLU attachment throughout the whole operating and ownership process. It also provides specific information about different jobsite applications, and how best to utilize the equipment ensuring that the very best performance is obtained from the attachment. This is facilitated through accessing quick guides ranging from set-up, installation, and operations with the operating manual always being on hand. 

Transformational Attachments

Also exhibited at the show was a selection of ALLU Transformers. The Transformer Series is comprised of an excavator/ loader/ tractor-mounted processing bucket that screens, pulverizes, aerates, blends, mixes, separates, even crushes, feeds and loads materials. This results in the feed material being effectively transformed into highly valuable products, making any business more efficient, and more profitable.

Catering for applications of all sizes, and capable of processing any material that can be screened and sorted, the Transformer Series includes the compact DL and D Series as well as the massive M and G Series. All are designed to transform the way in which businesses are able to improve their efficiency and profitability.