BOMAG BM 2200/65 Half Lane Milling Machine

The BOMAG BM 2200/65 large planer offers a lighter, more compact and highly maneuverable design.

Bm 2200 65 Cold Planer Release[17]
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With its lighter, more compact and highly maneuverable design, the BOMAG 60,296-lb. BM 2200/65 half-lane mill offers performance, operating ease and comfort for mills in its class. The BM 2200/65 is equipped with BOMAG’s exclusive ION DUST SHIELD technology for effective reduction of fine dust and particulate matter generated by the milling process. Setting apart this BOMAG solution from the rest, the ION DUST SHIELD turns captured fine dust into course dust, improving environmental safety on jobsites. 

  • 58-in. milling radius improves machine productivity in the field, increasing efficiency in tight-radius applications like small roundabouts and cul-de-sacs
  • 16-ft. conveyor discharge height plus larger, 130-degree conveyor slewing angle – 65 degrees to the left/right of center – allowing material to be efficiently discharged into trucks on both sides of the mill
  • 630 hp engine effectively matches power with milling speed for greater operating efficiency
  • To facilitate transport, the conveyor retracts to a length 23.6 in. shorter than previous designs
  • BMS15L quick-change cutting tooth holder system reduces resistance and delivers up to 20% fuel savings, the design also extends holder service life to lower costs
  • Offering a range of milling drum designs and the choice of three different rotor speeds to tailor rotor speed to the job, the BM 2200/65 planer can be used on a wide range of asphalt and concrete milling applications
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