PAVE/X Pulse: Project Staging Key to Success

Kenny Roy with Royal Pavement Solutions chats with contractors about how they planned their projects weeks before they arrive onsite to ensure all runs smoothly

Every project has a story. As a contractor, it’s your job to tell a good one.

When you enter into a contract to do work on a driveway, parking lot or roadway, keep in mind all of the things you will be disrupting in a day for those people who use those assets. For this reason alone, it’s imperative that you plan your projects with care to ensure the most communications possible with the least amount of hassle for all involved. 

Kenny Roy with Royal Pavement Solutions completes many complex projects each year and knows that proper coordination of even the smallest details on site will help everything run smoothly from start to finish. 

Kenny’s Keys to Project Success:

    • Stage a project accordingly, leaving areas open to traffic when you can
    • Employ extra signage and traffic control to ensure the working areas stay clear and to keep workers safe
      • Have extra equipment onsite if you can; machine redundancies help in the event of an equipment breakdown and can move the project along at a faster pace
        • Stay hydrated 🧊