Don’t Be Afraid to Lean In

It's time for rental business owners and team members alike to look at their so-called weaknesses and consider how to change them into one of their strengths instead. You may just be surprised by the results.

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Recently, I read the phrase, “One of the worst things we do to ourselves is lean into our weaknesses instead of our strengths.” I couldn’t tell you where I saw it, but I immediately opened a Word document and pasted it there on the blank white page with the intention of writing about it.  

It’s a powerful statement, right? I think so too, but while I understand the message behind it, I also disagree with it. 

I don’t see leaning into our weaknesses as a problem. I see it more as an opportunity. If we don’t lean into our weaknesses, how can we master them? Change them? Convert them from a vulnerability into a force to be reckoned with?  

For example, I don’t like public speaking (along with half the population, I’m assuming). If I must do it, I get nervous to the point of shaking and my heart races. However, in my professional experience, I’ve had to do lots of public speaking, videos, interviews, etc., that have taken me out of my comfort zone. And -- sitting here, looking back -- I’m eternally grateful for those experiences, as they’ve helped me develop into who I am today.  

And what about you, my dear Rental readers? Have you leaned into a weakness recently? I personally think this issue is chock full of companies doing just that, as well as opportunities for you to put that into practice in ways you might not consider. 

Take our story, "Why Your Rental Business Needs an Online Presence," about why your rental business needs an online presence for example. Maybe you’re intimidated by social media and digital content. Maybe you don’t know where to begin. But embracing the world’s new favorability of all things digital will only propel your business forward. Leaning into that uncertainty, trying things out, and evolving your business are steps toward success.  

And here’s a clever tie-in: lean management. A practiced business tool that many might not know about. As the article, "What is Lean Management and How Can it Optimize Your Rental Business?" says, “The need for constant adaptation to change can be challenging.” But leaning into the business weaknesses that don’t bring value can ultimately improve work processes, purposes, and your bottom line.  

Lastly, I would be remiss to not mention our Editor’s Choice Award winners. These 30 products, tools, and pieces of equipment were chosen based on their innovation, audience engagement, and utility. Many of these companies saw a problem within the industry, a weakness if you will, and careened headfirst into solving it. Or maybe their product was revitalized after listening to customer’s feedback, leaning into the process of self-improvement. Whatever the situation may be, the award-winners stand out for their impeccable achievements in the rental and construction industries.  

In keeping with the quote, I leaned into what I considered to be a weakness of mine, and I (for the most part) conquered it. So, leaning in is one thing. But settling there? Sulking in the solitude of flaws, mistakes, and weakness is another. I whole-heartedly urge you to look at your so-called weaknesses and consider how you can change it into one of your strengths instead. You have the power to do that, and I believe in you.  

Stay strong and stay safe.