All-New Stihl RB 600 and RB 800 Pressure Washers

New line combines easy starting, durability and a full range of cleaning accessories

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The largest in Stihl’s all-new line of pressure washers features commercial-grade Triplex pump components such as: brass manifold design and stainless steel valves, ceramic-coated pistons on the RB 600 and solid ceramic pistons on the RB 800. The RB 600 is powered by a 208 cc, 7.0 hp commercial-grade engine delivering 3,200 psi at a rate of up to 3.0 gpm. The RB 800 is the most powerful industrial strength high-pressure washer in Stihl’s line, with a 14.0-hp, 429 cc engine pushing 4,200 psi water pressure at up to 4.0 gpm. An easy-start pump system eliminates pump back pressure,  allowing the user to start the washer with less difficulty.

  • RB 600: 40-ft. steel-braided hose
  • RB 800: 50-ft. steel-braided hose
  • Engines with cast-iron cylinder liners and low-oil shutdown feature
  • Adjustable pressure regulator on pump
  • Standard detergent injector system
  • Stainless steel high-pressure nozzles and brass detergent nozzle
  • Fold-down handle allows for compact storage
  • MSRP RB 600: $899.95
  • MSRP RB 800: $1,299.95

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