Generac Expands Position in Power Generation with Claim in Clean Energy

The company will now draw on its best-in-class technology and extensive engineering expertise to offer a complete ecosystem of new energy storage and management products.

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Generac Power Systems has moved into clean energy. The company will now draw on its best-in-class technology and extensive engineering expertise to offer a complete ecosystem of new energy storage and management products.

"As a market innovator and long-time authority in backup power generation, we've built a strong business with our residential, commercial and industrial customers thanks to deep category knowledge," says Generac Chief Marketing Officer and Clean Energy business leader Russ Minick. "This next step into clean energy, energy storage and energy management will deliver greater value to our customers and will generate new value for our shareholders."

The company is expected to earn the upper hand in the residential solar energy storage marketplace with its new array of Clean Energy solutions and its capacity to leverage a successful omnichannel market development strategy. 

"We're bringing a professional infrastructure, manufacturing capability, and highly-regarded product reliability to the solar power energy storage industry," says Minick. "We are committed to expanding the market for clean energy products and bringing these important technologies into the mainstream."

New products include:

  • PWRcell Storage System: PWRcell is the most fully integrated solar storage solution available, and offers the most efficient, flexible, and powerful all-in-one storage platform. The system offers 8kW of continuous power, and 12kW surge capacity to start heavy loads such as air conditioners. Unique DC-coupled technology charges and discharges the batteries at more than 96% efficiency. Better efficiency means more energy is available for use by the system owner. The easily configurable battery platform is scalable from 8.6kWh up to 34.2kWh, and can be expanded at any time to meet any budget or requirement. Integrated PWRview energy monitoring technology provides powerful insights to enable better energy use decisions. And the fully integrated hardware streamlines installation and use for a better ownership experience.

  • PWRview Home Energy Monitor and App: The Generac PWRview is a standalone home energy monitoring system that provides powerful insights into home energy use. Through the PWRview app – available for all iPhone and Android devices – users get a real-time snapshot of how energy is used in the home, and what that energy costs. Over time, PWRview creates an energy profile of the home, giving users better information to make decisions on their own energy usage. PWRview is integrated into PWRcell, immediately allowing users to optimize how they use the power stored in the PWRcell batteries.

  • SnapRS: Generac SnapRS is an inline PV rapid-shutdown device thats works with PWRcell and PV Link to make PV installations strong and safe. This patented device is an ultra reliable solution for NEC 2017/2020 690.12 rapid shutdown compliance. With zero moving-parts on board, SnapRS makes module-level rapid shutdown easy and robust.

  • PV Link Substring Optimizer: Generac PV Link works with PWRcell and SnapRS to create flexible and easy to install solar arrays. Able to control up to nine PV modules each, PV Link and SnapRS drastically reduces the amount of complex power-electronic hardware needed to install rapid-shutdown compliant PV arrays.