Point of Rental’s South Africa Team Grows

Specialist added to assist expanding African customer base

Aj Dore

Point of Rental’s South African team is adding AJ Dore as a Technical Sales Specialist, enhancing the company’s abilities to provide service and support to Point of Rental users throughout Africa.

“As hire companies throughout Africa are realising the value that Point of Rental can bring their businesses, we’re expanding our capabilities in order to serve them better,” CEO Wayne Harris said.

“I’m excited to be a part of a global movement with Point of Rental,” said AJ. “It’s a new challenge, but the company’s culture is great, the software is incredible, and I really see a commitment to build within Africa.”

AJ will work with hire businesses to provide in-depth product knowledge and a steady hand while helping them determine which software will work best within their business. He has managed projects and services for nearly all of his 20+ year career, making him an ideal partner for hire businesses managing transfers to a new software.

Point of Rental is dedicated to empowering hire experts via innovative software and a caring support staff.