ARA Launches Healthy Work Practices Campaign

The “ARA Healthy Work Practices Guide” is the first portion of the association’s “Clean. Safe. Essential.” program to organize ARA resources.

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The American Rental Association (ARA) has released the “ARA Healthy Work Practices Guide” as the first part of the association’s “Clean. Safe. Essential.” program to organize ARA resources. In the welcome message for the guide, Tony Conant, ARA CEO, explained the initiative.

“As rental store visits become more common again, there is a tremendous need for guidance on how rental stores can operate as safely as possible under the circumstances. In response, the ARA created the Clean. Safe. Essential. program to organize our resources, energize our efforts, and focus our communications on the safety and vitality of our industry. The first resource in the Clean. Safe. Essential. program is the Healthy Work Practices Guide. The objective of this document is to provide practical guidance on measures to minimize exposure to the coronavirus (COVID-19) for rental store staff, customers, vendors, and guests,” Conant said.

“The pandemic has put businesses in challenging situations, and we are writing the playbook as we work through this. The guidance and considerations outlined in this document were compiled from rental operators and manufacturers in the United States and Canada along with the information published by United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). This guidance is designed to provide approaches for you to consider as you modify your stores and operating processes in response to the pandemic,” he continued.

“We created two documents, one for construction and general tool, and one for party and event, to focus on both segments of our industry as we know that there are unique concerns within each. Not all of these considerations will apply to your operation or facility type; however, the guide is intended to help you develop or revise a plan that will work best for your location. The guidance is based on medical science and operational expertise, but you may need to adjust your approach in order to comply with local/municipal directives. If government guidance is more stringent than this,” he said.

“This guide is designed to help facilitate the opening of your location if it has been closed and bolster your approach if you have remained open. As you develop or refine your operating plans, be sure they are compliant with local/city, state/province, and country laws and government regulations, and conform with guidance provided by your government health agencies,” he said.

“ARA is also developing comprehensive online training that will cover this content in more detail. The training will be available in early June. It is important to note that this guidance will be adjusted as scientific information evolves, conditions improve, and new best practices are identified. ARA will update the online training with additional information as it becomes available,” Conant said.

To access the downloadable guide, click here.