Stellar Highlights New Telescopic Hooklift at NTEA Work Truck Week

Showcased at Work Truck Week 2022 in Indianapolis, the 18,000-lb.-capacity hoist is built for a Class 4 to 7 chassis and has a 35.63/54-in. hook height.

Stellar Nxt18 Hooklift At Wtw22
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Stellar's NXT18 telescopic hooklift is a strong but lightweight unit capable of loading, unloading and dumping various truck bodies. The 18,000-lb.-capacity hoist features a Z channel base design and a universal body latching system, and is built for a Class 4 through 7 chassis. 

  • Features a 35.63/54-in. hook height and rectangular-style secondary jib
  • Approximately 7.5-in. lost load height ensures a low profile with a lower vertical center of gravity and the ability to accommodate down to 4-in. sub-frame heights.
  • Universal body latching system offers inside and outside locks that can be moved by unbolting, repositioning and bolting back down to accommodate body locks that may not be in the correct spot
  • Universal hydraulic reservoir can be mounted in bulkhead mount or chassis frame mount on either the street side or curbside of the unit
  • Comes equipped with electronic controls offering two-speed operation to allow for slowing the unit down for precise control in various situations
  • Radio remote control allows for unit operation in either the chassis cab or standing outside of the chassis cab
  •  Available at distributors later in 2022
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