Pickups Move Beyond Transportation

Attachments transform pickups into work tools.

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Attachment carrier

Perhaps one of the most unique pickup attachments is offered by Paul Wever Construction Equipment Co. The Construction-Carry-All (CCA) is a frame that will accept attachments, such as a .50-cu.-yd. loader, dozer blade, road drag, box scraper, snow box and wing plow.

The CCA uses these common industry attachments and marries them to a 1/2-ton to heavy-duty pickup. It can be towed behind a pickup or attached using a heavy-duty bumper package.

A two-ball hitch system is used to attach the CCA to the truck. In addition, the attachment arms of the CCA feature a three-point hitch or a skid-steer universal coupler plate that allows you to use existing attachments.

Hydraulic power units are available for attachments that require external hydraulic power and a radio remote control system can also be installed.

Track conversion systems

Rubber tracks allow your pickup to traverse mud, sand, snow, swamp and tundra conditions while leaving less impact on the terrain. Mattracks offers models to fit pickups from 1/2 to 1 1/2 tons.

These rubber tracks provide a large footprint with tremendous traction and flotation. The company claims the ground pressure can be as low as 1.5 psi.

Designed for off-road use, these rubber track systems are capable of traversing hard terrain at speeds up to 40 mph. In addition, the Mattracks increase your clearance while providing a wider and longer wheelbase. The company claims the turning radius remains unchanged from original.

Best of all, the entire system can fit in a pickup box and be installed on the jobsite in 30 minutes with hand tools.

Cleanup attachments

For those who need to keep the jobsite free of debris, Sweepster's truck-mounted sweepers fit most trucks. They are available with a poly, poly/wire or wire brush.

Optional 18- or 30-hp brush drives and brush widths from 3 to 8 ft. ensure the correct broom for the job. The brooms are driven by one or two orbital motors.

If you're worried about keeping sharp metal debris off the jobsite, Master Magnetic Inc. offers a solution. The company’s hang-type magnetic sweeper hangs from your pickup’s bumper.

These magnetic sweepers are designed to greatly reduce the possibility of flat tires and injuries caused by nails, scrap iron particles, staples, etc. All models are 1.75 in. high by 5 in. deep and they are available in any width from 18 to 96 in.

The recommended sweeping height is 2 to 4 in. and the maximum recommended operating speed is 5 mph.

It is also possible to turn your pickup into a portable power washer. Ultimate Washer offers pickup-mount cold water pressure washers with up to 2,500 psi and 8 gpm. These pressure washers fit in all standard pickup beds, but be sure to check the pickup’s weight capacity before filling the tank.

These pressure washers are driven by industrial-grade Honda engines with water tank capacities from 50 to 300 gal. A swivel hose reel with 100 ft. of non-marking pressure hose connects to a 36-in. two-piece wand.

Portable power source

Dynamic Power Source offers a complete line of welder/generator/compressor packages known as the PowerBox, which mount in the bed of your standard fleet-side pickup. The packages transform your pickup into a portable power source that can run several tools simultaneously. The power to weld, run pneumatic tools and plasma cut are available in one theft- and weather-resistant package.

There are seven models to choose from with power output up to 12.8 kW, a 350-amp welder and a 70-cfm air compressor.

Dump inserts

Dump truck inserts allow you to convert your pickup into a light dump truck. One such insert is offered by Standard Hamilton Co. The lightweight DUMP-PRO enables a user to go from a pickup to a dump truck in minutes.

The insert can easily be installed or removed with no drilling required. Two side clamps and a single bolt quick hitch that works with standard step bumpers secures the insert in place. There are also no hydraulics to worry about. Instead, a 12-volt Warn Works electric winch operates off of your truck’s battery.

The dump body is constructed of industrial weight polyethylene. This lightweight body maximizes the dumping capacity of even 1/2-ton pickups. It fits most full-size pickups and has a 3,000-lb. payload capacity and a 60° dumping angle.

TruckCraft Corp. offers a combination dump/service body that transforms a 1-ton cab chassis to provide all of the features of a dump body and a service body.

The TC-300/310 Combination Dump/Service Body has a 3.0-cu.-yd., 12,000-lb. dump capacity and 62 cu. ft. of secure storage space. Tool cabinets use keyed-alike rotary latches and bulb-type door seals.

The dump pan is constructed of 10-ga. galvanneal steel. A three-stage telescopic hoist provides the lift and is powered by an electro-hydraulic power unit, so no PTO or clutch pump is needed.

Lifting aides

Lifting aides can also be useful attachments to maximize the capacity of your pickup bed. One such device is the Xchange 3 from Stellar Industries. This hydraulic loading device allows various bodies to be interchanged, such as dump boxes, flatbed bodies and smaller water or fertilizer tanks.

Designed for full-size pickup owners, the hydraulic action of the Xchange 3 not only allows for loading and off-loading, but it also dumps loads with a tipping angle of up to 45° with an 8-ft.-long body.

Western Mule offers another option for lifting heavy objects into your pickup bed. Its A Series Fold-A-Way cranes are designed for mini-, mid- and full-size pickups.

The crane serves multiple purposes. It is a crane with up to a 2,000-lb. lifting capacity and it folds away to become a heavy-duty step-bumper.

The Fold-A-Way Crane also features a winch with up to a 6,000-lb. capacity and a Class 3 trailer hitch.