Your trucks say a lot about your company

Almost every successful contractor I talk to emphasizes the importance of having clean, uniformly painted trucks and equipment that clearly state the company name and phone number on all sides of the vehicle. This says a lot about your business -- it tells potential customers that you take pride in your company, and you'll take pride in any job they hire you to perform for them. I've heard contractors say that professional, painted-on lettering -- opposed to a removable decale -- lets customers know that you're a well-established company and not a fly-by-night operation. Another contractor told me that he sees his trucks and equipment as a great marketing opportunity because he knows people driving down the road will notice his trucks and read his company name, but he has no way of knowing if people see his phone book or newspaper ads. Do you see your trucks and equipment as marketing tools? Tell me what you've done to make your vehicles stand out to potential customers. E-mail me a photo of one of your trucks or pieces of equipment and I'll post it to an online photo gallery so Concrete Contractor readers can see the inventive ways other contractors around the country are letting their trucks and equipment speak for their companies.