Retriever Heavy Equipment Transport Truck Bed

A 26,000-lb.-GVW truck (no CDL required) can carry an 11,000-lb. payloads, patented deck stoops to create a 10- to 14-degree loading angle

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The Retriever heavy equipment transport truck bed features a patented deck design that creates a 10- to 14-degree loading angle. The loading ramp extension and vertical deck movement are powered by the truck's air system, and the No Idle System permits loading and unloading with the truck engine off.

  • Models range from 7.5- to 20-ton capacities
  • A 26,000-lb.-GVW  truck (no CDL required) can carry an 11,000-lb. payload
  • Three-position ramp can be locked in transport mode, adding 4 ft. of deck length
  • Beds in 96- and 102-in. widths
  • LoRider option lowers the forward deck height an extra 10 in.

Video: How Retriever Works (8:32 min.)

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