B Series Articulated Trucks

Automatic traction control varies differential lock automatically to match changing conditions

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Caterpillar offers three models of its B Series articulated dump trucks – the 735B with a 36-ton payload, the 740B with a 43.5-ton payload and the 740B EJ with ejector body and a 42-ton payload. The units employ 452- to 489-gross-hp Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB-certified Cat diesel engines equipped with proven electronic fuel and air supply components and a modular aftertreatment solution. Emissions controls include a diesel particulate filter (DPF) with "on-the-go" regeneration system.

Cat improved its six-wheel-drive system with proportional, torque-distributing automatic traction control (ATC) that eliminates the need for driver intervention to maintain maximum traction in difficult conditions. The system automatically and constantly varies the required degree of differential lock-up both across each axle and between axles as underfoot conditions change.

Caterpillar has also upgraded its automatic transmission to ensure that gear changes are much smoother, since torque is maintained through each gear change. This results in improved acceleration, especially on grades. Part Throttle Shifting at lower speeds results in better fuel efficiency and easier machine operation and provides the operator with an automotive feel during gear changes.

Additional features of the B Series include:

  • 25.8- to 30.2-cu.-yd. body capacities (heaped)
  • Integrated heavy-duty bumper and fully enclosed belly guards
  • Redesigned instrument cluster and fully customizable Color Multi-Purpose Display (CMPD).
  • Upgraded driver's seat with new multiple position adjustments
  • Upgraded heating and air-conditioning system
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