Hops & Highways S2 E14: How to Apply for Asphalt Plant Permits & How to Stay Compliant

Join Jess & Dormie as they dive in to the asphalt plant permitting process. Their guests this week are Mike Devine, President of Asphalt Drum Mixer & Jim Euler, President of DECA Environmental.

There is a lot that’s involved with the purchase of an asphalt plant, but perhaps the most difficult and overwhelming part is obtaining the proper permits to be able to operate. In this episode of Hops & Highways, Jess & Dormie talk to Mike Devine with Asphalt Drum Mixers, our official Hops & Highways sponsor, and Jim Euler who is the president of DECA Environmental. We discuss what the asphalt plant permitting process looks like and how you can get the help you need to be in compliance. From air permit to stack testing, there is help available to keep you up to date on these changes regulations. 

We also get into the impact the asphalt industry has on the environment and how contractors need to be working towards a goal of reducing their carbon footprint. Thanks for joining us!