New USDOT Appointees from President Biden

The Biden-Harris administration has nominated a broad slate of appointees to take over crucial positions within the U.S. Department of Transportation.

U.S. Department of Transportation
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The Biden-Harris Administration has announced key members of its U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) leadership, many of whom are already at work in the opening days of the new Administration. The U.S. DOT team is comprised of 40 members, including several representatives from organized labor, transportation leaders from major metropolitan areas, former Obama administration officials and clean energy advocates. 

Biden announced that this group will help USDOT civil servants already hard at work on behalf of the American people advance President Biden’s agenda to build our country back better. With the safety of the traveling public and America’s workers at the center of its mission, the team will work toward economic recovery, racial equity, and combating climate change.

Lana Hurdle, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Budget & Programs, will serve as Acting Secretary of Transportation until Secretary-Designate Pete Buttigieg is confirmed. While additional people will be named later, the initial team (starting on January 20 or soon after) includes:

Amit Bose, Deputy Administrator, Federal Railroad Administration 

Ann Carlson, Chief Counsel, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 

Florence Chen, Special Assistant for Policy

Casey Clemmons, Special Assistant, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration

Steve Cliff, Deputy Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 

Christopher Coes, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation Policy 

Nuria Fernandez, Deputy Administrator, Federal Transit Administration

Robert Hampshire, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology

Maurice Henderson, Senior Advisor

Danielle Hirshberg, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations 

Justine Hong, Director of Executive Secretariat 

Robin Hutcheson, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Safety Policy 

Subash Iyer, Chief Counsel, Federal Transit Administration 

Meera Joshi, Deputy Administrator, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration 

Tatjana Kunz, Special Assistant for Policy 

Lucinda Lessley, Deputy Administrator, Maritime Administration 

Diana Lopez, Senior Advisor to the Administrator, Federal Railroad Administration 

Irene Marion, Director, Departmental Office of Civil Rights 

Edward McGlone, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Congressional Affairs (House) 

Philip A. McNamara, Assistant Secretary for Administration  

A. Bradley Mims, Deputy Administrator, Federal Aviation Administration 

Carlos Monje Jr., Senior Advisor and Acting Chief of Staff 

Allie Panther, White House Liaison 

Alex A. Peña, Special Assistant to the General Counsel 

Carol A. (Annie) Petsonk, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Aviation and International Affairs 

Stephanie Pollack, Deputy Administrator, Federal Highway Administration 

John Putnam, Deputy General Counsel 

Will Rasky, Special Assistant for Governmental Affairs 

Courtenay Raymond, Director of Scheduling and Advance 

Andrew Rogers, Chief Counsel, Federal Highway Administration  

Laura Schiller, Chief of Staff

 Michael Shapiro, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy 

Sophie Shulman, Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy 

Dani Simons, Assistant to the Secretary and Director of Public Affairs  

Charles Small, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs 

Mohsin Syed, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Congressional Affairs (Senate)  

Charlene Wang, Special Assistant, Federal Highway Administration 

Victoria Baecher Wassmer, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Finance and Budget  

Vinn White, Senior Advisor for Implementation 

Laurence Wildgoose, Assistant Administrator for Policy, International Affairs, and Environment, Federal Aviation Administration