Free Office Makeover Contest

When the economy is down and times are tough it's important for contractors to continue smart business practices. Over the last few years contractors have heard a lot about how marketing is essential when business is down. But marketing is just one aspect of business management that contractors can't let fall to the wayside even when budgets are tight. Another area of business that contractors should continue to keep up is their professional image. This includes when current and possible customers have the opportunity to see your business and employees out on the job as well as in your office. If customers come to your office to discuss business it is a good idea to keep your office looking professional. Don't have the time or budget to keep your office looking good? FCP has learned that OFM, Inc., a wholesale furniture business, is hosting the "New Year, New Office," contest for small businesses. Small businesses with 50 or less employees can submit a photo of their office along with an explanation as to why they deserve the free office makeover. If you're interested in a chance to win a free office makeover as well as some new office furniture check out the official rules at The deadline for entry is 5:00 p.m. EST Monday February 28, 2011.  Good luck!