Workers Are Happier in a Partnership

A recent study confirmed that Americans are happier on the weekends versus weekdays. No surprise there. But an interesting finding in the study said workers who felt their supervisor was more like a "partner" rather than a "boss" were happier on weekdays. This finding suggests "that their jobs are more enjoyable and thus the weekdays are not as much of a chore as they are for less fortunate workers who may view their bosses more antagonistically." This brings up an interesting consideration for business management. Is it better to run your business as the boss authority figure or to have upper management work like partners with the company's laborers? Some workers may have the type of personality or work ethic that requires that boss authority figure rather than a partner while others may work better if they feel more equal. How much does employee happiness during the workday influence the way you manage your business? Would you consider having supervisors treat laborers more as partners if it meant employees were happier? Does it risk the chance that too familiar working relationships could possibly harm work processes or productivity? Is it possible to use both tactics to manage employees? As a business manager, how do you run your business? Do you find your business runs smoother if supervisors create a partnership feeling? As an employee, do you agree with the study that you are or would be happier if you felt your supervisor was more of a partner?