Keep Safe When the Heat Is On

It's hot in the Midwest. We're reaching triple digits with the heat index this week. The summer heat is a health and safety concern across the country when you work in the construction industry. Some of the heat-related issues employers and workers need to watch out for include: Heat rash Fainting Heat cramps Heat exhaustion Heat stroke Water, rest and shade are essential for keeping employees safe and healthy in hot environments. Even if employees are used to working in hot environments, employers must still keep an eye out and monitor jobsites to ensure employee safety. Employers should make sure to educate all employees on safety in the heat. Make sure you or your managers are monitoring jobsites and employees when working in hot environments and watch out for symptoms of heat-related illnesses. And provide your employees with water and rest. It's better to sacrifice a little extra time on the job then have an employee suffer a serious health issue from the heat. The American Concrete Pumping Association (ACPA) and Travelers Insurance released an article on managing heat issues and how to care for workers who may suffer from a heat-related illness. Although the information isn't specific to the construction industry, construction companies and workers can benefit from heading the suggestions within the article.