Leadership Training Essential for All Employees

The construction workforce is changing. While some of the workforce is aging and nearing retirement, the younger, incoming workers are often coming into the industry untrained. While on-the-job learning can be beneficial for improving skills and on-the-spot decision making, construction businesses should seriously consider "classroom" training in order to develop its workforce as well. Just as the workforce is changing, the way we train and educate is as well. While trade shows, associations and even manufacturers offer industry and skills training, construction businesses now have more opportunities for in house training and even online training. Construction business owners should consider training all employees on management and leadership skills in addition to the essential jobsite skills. Why? According to an article by, Laurie Keyser Brunner, Senior Vice President of Global Client Services, ESI International - a company that helps improve the way people manage projects, contracts, requirements and vendors through innovative learning - leadership training can improve an entire organization. Keyser Brunner says leadership training can help move an organization forward by: Equipping the workforce with skills in critical thinking and business acumen to identify organizational priorities and design the appropriate responses within a business context. Supporting a culture of individual accountability to speed decision-making, ensure successful project outcomes and ultimately, to assure organizational effectiveness. Rapidly developing the capabilities of less tenured employees to manage and lead successfully to ensure continuity and productivity. Achieving a new level of team dynamics to create more integration and cohesion on projects and programs, resulting in greater workforce productivity. Keyser Brunner expands on the development of leadership skills and its necessity for businesses in her article "New Trends in Learning Reflect a Changing Workforce." As a construction business owner, take a few minutes to consider your  workforce and the training you currently or could potentially do to help move your entire organization forward.