A Tagline for Your Construction Business

Forbes.com recently ran an interactive feature on the best advertising tag lines. I'm guessing you know pretty much everyone one. That's what makes a tag line so great - it's memorable. So when the customer remembers the tagline they tend to remember the company associated with the tagline. A better way to look at this is as a way to stand out. How many other contractors are there in your area? Some of you may be lucky enough not to encounter much competition. But my guess is that there are several other companies in competition to seal that driveway, pour that foundation, rent a piece of equipment, etc. What makes you stand apart from those other businesses? How about a tag line? They're essentially free to utilize and real creative ones can give you an advantage over your competitors. So how do you come up with the next "Just do it"? Hold of competition within your company. Have everyone submit their ideas for the best tagline for your construction business and see what you come up with. You might even uncover your next marketing star.