Michael Vick's Next Position - Construction Worker?

In a USA Today article it is reported that Frank J. Santoro has offered the ex-NFL star a job with the Newport News construction firm. Apparently Vick has lined up a 40-hour-a-week, $10-an-hour job at one of W.M. Jordan Co.'s 40 commercial construction jobs. But this isn't his long-term career choice. Michael Vick's agent told a federal bankruptcy court judge he hopes Vick can return to the NFL next season with an incentive-laden contract that could be worth "high into the millions." This news allowed me to kill about 15 minutes trying to come up with comparisons between Vick, the NFL and construction. So what would be the construction equivalent to an interception (since this is what I most remember to be the highlight of Vick's ability) - pouring your asphalt into the competition's paver? And what piece of construction equipment would be most like Vick - a skid steer - it's small, nimble and though it can do a lot, can only get you so far? Leave a comment if you come up with comparisons of your own.