Construction Legos

Rummaging through another days worth of construction headlines I came across an item that took me back to my days as a kid. There was one Christmas where all I asked for and all I got were Legos. Legos were pretty much the greatest thing ever - even to this day, I doubt anyone can resist the urge to sit down with a younger kid who is working with Legos and not try to start putting something together. This is why I was excited to learn this morning about Construction Legos - they even have their own video. I haven't bought a Lego set for years, currently do not have any kids, etc. so I'm a little out of touch with the Lego offerings, so this may be old news to you, but to me it was a great find. Diecast models of construction equipment are what line my office these days, but I'm thinking I'll have to make room in my fleet for some Lego equipment as well.