Man's Fingers Crushed in Construction Accident

I'm using the latest news about a man having his fingers crushed during a road building project by a concrete pipe as an opportunity to bring up the topic of safety. It's not so much just to point out an accident in the construction industry as it is an attempt to add another wrinkle to how you think about safety. There's not enough information from this article to say either way if this were merely an accident or cause of lack of proper safety protocols. Regardless, it is an opportunity to be aware of how someone was hurt and that is how we all learn. It doesn't always have to happen to you or your crew. I'm sure you take safety seriously and have the proper steps in place to manage your risks. But if you and your crew are aware of how another accident and injury happened, maybe you'll be able to foresee the same situation arising and avoid being mentioned in the paper for an accident instead of being recognized for the completion of an outstanding project.