Construction Equipment Trends: The Top Three Most Popular Equipment Types

I was chatting with my publisher today and he poised the question to me about what are the current trends in the interest in specific types of construction equipment and does this correlate to what the market is experiencing. This got me thinking and so I decided to look into it since crunching numbers and working with spreadsheets is a very enjoyable task for me to do. As evidence with my massive Fantasy Football Excel file, I'll jump at the opportunity to analyze data at the drop of the hat. Now, I'll tell you this was no massive 10-year survey with extensive theology put behind the research. These stats are based off of taking a look at our Equipment Product Section of the website and identifying what categories have been the most popular over the past four months. Here are the Top Three most popular equipment types: Concrete Equipment This was the No. 1 most popular Equipment Section on our site three out of the four months reviewed (being No. 2 the other month). This was a bit of a surprise to me I'd have to say. As a lot of our concrete readership is tied to residential and commercial flatwork - which is significantly down - you wouldn't expect these types of products to be in much demand. But according to the visitors of our website, there is still much interest in these types of products. Asphalt Preservation and Maintenance A strong No. 2 average placing each month. This seems to mirror what we are hearing in the market in terms of allocation of stimulus funds. A lot is going in to the preservation and maintenance of existing roads and not really too much to new projects. Pavement Marking Equipment Hurt by a No. 4 most popular section in April, Pavement Marking Equipment has been a constant No. 2 or No. 3 the past few months. I would imagine this coincides with the striping season. The spring was simply the beginning of the season and as we are in the prime of the season now the interest for these types of products continues to stay strong. Does this reflect what you are looking at these days? Have other suggestions as to what type of equipment is most popular these days. Let us know in the comment section below