Blog for the Rental Equipment Owners

The ink was barely dry on my post about Ron Roberts and his Filthy Rich Contractor Blog when I was made aware of another blog that I want to bring to your attention - The RentalMetrics blog. The RentalMetrics blog is written by Doug Mitchell, founder and Chief Deliverer of Results of RentalMetrics. The blog is full of "red meat" for the heroes that rent iron and move dirt. There is a lot of good information and resources here for those in the construction equipment rental industry. I encourage our rental audience to check out the blog as I'm sure you'll find it a valuable read and worth exploring. Thanks to Kelly for bringing this blog to my attention. Don't worry, this isn't going to turn into a blog about other blogs you should read. I only plan on highlighting the better ones and will make sure this blog is also at top of your must-read list.