Cheap and Easy Employee Recruitment Idea

A news story came across the wire this morning that I found very interesting and wanted to share with the readers of this blog. General contractor, R.W. Allen, headquartered in Augusta, Georgia took advantage of its recent project - the construction of a high school - to showcase opportunities graduating high schoolers have available to them in the construction industry. 16 high-school students toured the jobsite of the new school to get a better understanding of what is involved in commercial construction and find out the possibilities of joining the R.W. Allen workforce as the company plans on hiring two interns and training them as project managers this summer. The partnership formed between R.W. Allen and the Columbia County school system is one that could become extremely valuable to the general construction firm. With time being the major investment, R.W. Allen has created inroads to the majority of its future employee pool. It also allows the company to take a proactive approach to hiring as it is prospecting and recruiting the most skilled potential employees as opposed to accepting the candidates that approach the company. I would encourage any contractor large or small to explore what options are available to you to get in front of the local students. Even if it is a one-day job fair or a larger venture, the more information and insight you can provide students before they graduate, the more you will grow your potential pool of future employers.